The future is impossible to predict. Sometimes our hopes and dreams come up against unexpected realities that can change the course of our lives. We are here, in South Florida, to assist you in creating a Union Agreement today, whether pre-nuptial or post-nuptial, which is the smart way to ensure a stable and mutually prosperous future for you and your spouse.


Making plans for your future can be an intimidating experience, especially when you’re faced with challenging end-of-life decisions. For LGBT couples it can be even more complex due to the ever-changing legal landscape. We can help you plan and form a strategy that ensures your wills and trusts are continually updated, providing security for you and your spouse.


Insurance needs change with the changes in your life.  Getting married is a very big and very welcome change in the lives of our LGBT clients.  It is vitally important that you and your partner are financially secure should disaster strike in any form.  Love’s Parachute can suggest options and services not only to protect your own financial present and future but your partner’s as well.

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With marriage equality now a reality in Florida for all LGBT couples you should ask yourself: Are we prepared for what happens next?  Many LGBT couples have relied upon partnership agreements or other similar type agreements in the past. However, if you and your partner are planning on marrying, those documents you and your partner put so much trust and faith into could potentially become unenforceable.  Under the law you can protect yourself and the one you love from the unexpected twists and turns of married life.

By including Love’s Parachute in your long-term life planning together, you can feel secure that no matter what happens, Love’s Parachute will help you comfortably land on your own two feet.

Love’s Parachute can include a range of services to ensure your partnership is secure, your estate is well planned for and that each of you are insured should the unthinkable occur. As Florida Licensed Attorneys we are here to help same sex couples every step of the way towards a secure and happy life together.

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