Pre-nuptial Agreements

  • February 19, 2015
  • blog

The term “Pre-nuptial Agreement” usually makes people very uncomfortable. Even the idea of bringing up a pre-nuptial agreement seems awkward and anxiety inducing. Instead, the team at LOVE’S PARACHUTE uses the term “Union Agreement” to signify what we are actually discussing rather than what you see in the movies and on TV; the union of two people in love. A union agreement will benefit you and your spouse to determine how the couple will define equality in the relationship, establish a value on property brought into the relationship, protect each others financial assets obtained prior to marriage, protect gifts, inheritances, ownerships in a business or to protect yourself from your partners pre-marriage debt or other liabilities.

While the common understanding of the pre-nup process is a negative one, LOVE’S PARACHUTE believes that the process of forming a union agreement can be a loving one which can pave the way toward a strong and long lasting marriage.

By having a mutually constructed union agreement, you will be able to have a clear and well thought out and agreed upon understanding of your relationship. These agreements are made to strengthen your marriage. For many LGBT couples that have been in a relationship for a long period of time, there’s a good chance that you have accumulated a wide range of different assets and financial obligations. Whether it’s an accrued debt or property owned that has amassed over the years, it is extremely important to plan for your futures. In addition, if children are involved, they need to be protected should something happen to your marriage.

For couples that are just starting their lives together, a union agreement is perfect for identifying specific objectives to ensure that both parties to the marriage are being transparent and open with each other. This is especially important in a same-sex marriage if you decide to relocate to a state that doesn’t support an LGBT marriage.

By utilizing our experienced and knowledgeable team at LOVE’S PARACHUTE, you will be able to create a union agreement that is specifically tailored through our collaborative process meet your marriage goals.


There’s no question that all families can be faced with a wide range challenges. Some of these challenges are relatively common, while others are more specific to a same-sex marriage. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE we are fully aware that family law is not specific to only one type of issue or an individual family.

Our team is experienced and knowledge when it comes to creating solutions for your new family. Because we only represent same-sex couples in the state of Florida, we are well versed in all state laws and will always be here to support your exact needs. With a team of the top attorney’s in the industry, LOVE’S PARACHUTE is dedicated to providing you and your spouse with the protection and security your family needs.

For anyone that is part of the Florida LGBT community, and would like to plan your same-sex marriage, it’s extremely important to receive legal advice from an experienced and dedicated LGBT family lawyer. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE, we are always available to help. Simply call us today at 1-800-625-2285 for a free consultation. When it comes to a same-sex marriage in Florida, our firm understands Florida’s laws and is always available for a case evaluation. Call LOVE’S PARACHUTE today at 1-800-625-2285.