Union Agreements

  • February 19, 2015
  • blog

Over time, relationships and financial situations change. Because of this, any couple in a long term relationship or marriage must make changes to keep up with the times. The state of Florida does not recognize any specific changes that occur while you are already married. Florida only identifies certain ways to treat and distribute property and finances accumulated during a marriage or when a marriage unfortunately ends. If you are part of a newly legally recognized same-sex marriage in Florida, it would be to your partnerships mutual benefit to establish an after-marriage union agreement. By meeting with the attorney’s at LOVE’S PARACHUTE, you will be provided with careful and compassionate advice that can help you in your marriage. Unlike traditional processes of Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial agreements, LOVE’S PARACHUTE’S process of identifying how your assets and liabilities will be characterized under Florida Law in case of dissolution of marriage is completed using more collaborative methods to take the negative stereotypes away from traditional pre and post nups.

There are a variety of different reasons why an after-marriage union agreement can be helpful in your relationship. Whether you or your partner is the sole owner of a piece of property or you wish to keep an inheritance under your name, there are several different circumstances that may require an after-marriage union agreement. In addition, if your marriage is not doing well, an after-marriage union agreement will help you separate important assets and determine a plan of action that can help save your marriage. This specific type of agreement can also outline separation of property and work as spousal support should dissolution be your only option.

By utilizing our experienced and knowledgeable team at LOVE’S PARACHUTE, you will be able to create an agreement that is specifically developed to meet your exact marital needs.


There’s no question that all families can be faced with a wide range challenges. Some of these challenges are relatively common, while others are more specific to a same-sex marriage. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE we are fully aware that family law is not specific to only one type of issue or an individual family.

Our team is experienced and knowledge when it comes to creating solutions for your new family. Because we only represent same-sex couples in the state of Florida, we are well versed in all state laws and will always be here to support your exact needs. With a team of the top attorney’s in the industry, LOVE’S PARACHUTE is dedicated to providing you and your spouse with the protection and security your family needs.

For anyone that is part of the Florida LGBT community, and would like to plan your same-sex marriage, it’s extremely important to receive legal advice from an experienced and dedicated LGBT family lawyer. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE, we are always available to help. Simply call us today at 1-800-625-2285 for a free consultation. When it comes to a same-sex marriage in Florida, our firm understands Florida’s laws and is always available for a case evaluation. Call LOVE’S PARACHUTE today at 1-800-625-2285.