Estate Planning

  • February 19, 2015
  • blog

Without question, planning for the future is no easy task. On top of that, many people try to avoid estate planning until it’s absolutely necessary. Because of this, it’s extremely important to understand that estate planning is even more important for same-sex couples than it is for opposite-sex couples. With LGBT laws that are continually changing, it’s highly recommended that same-sex couples create an estate plan as soon as possible and update it regularly. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE, we will provide you with an effective map for estate planning, along with ensuring that your estate plan is always up-to-date.

The two most important components of estate planning are wills and trusts. While this is true, there are still other parts of estate planning that are extremely important. For instance, a living trust is the most common tool used to avoid probate, but some of the other tools used to avoid this process include transfer-on-death and joint ownership accounts.

Another area of estate planning is offering direction regarding end-of-life care options. Based on this, it’s critical that you and your spouse should have heath care instructions that identify what specific types of treatment are acceptable, and who has the power to make these decisions if you are incapable. If there is a health care directive in place, doctors will not question your relationship status.

Not stopping there, LGBT couples should create a plan that gives each other or someone else, durable power of attorney when it comes to your finances. Similar to a heath care directive, having a durable power for attorney will not question your relationship if you become debilitated.

The final part estate planning for an LGBT couple is creating a directive on how you would like your body handled when you pass away and what you want at your funeral. This specific outline will stop your spouse from being confronted during the grieving period.


There’s no question that all families can be faced with a wide range challenges. Some of these challenges are relatively common, while others are more specific to a same-sex marriage. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE we are fully aware that family law is not specific to only one type of issue or an individual family.

Our team is experienced and knowledge when it comes to creating solutions for your new family. Because we only represent same-sex couples in the state of Florida, we are well versed in all state laws and will always be here to support your exact needs. With a team of the top attorney’s in the industry, LOVE’S PARACHUTE is dedicated to providing you and your spouse with the protection and security your family needs.

For anyone that is part of the Florida LGBT community, and would like to plan your same-sex marriage, it’s extremely important to receive legal advice from an experienced and dedicated LGBT family lawyer. At LOVE’S PARACHUTE, we are always available to help. Simply call us today at 1-800-625-2285 for a free consultation. When it comes to a same-sex marriage in Florida, our firm understands Florida’s laws and is always available for a case evaluation. Call LOVE’S PARACHUTE today at 1-800-625-2285.